About Us

RNR Engineering & Consulting

We are the represantative of the maker companies who are the expert and leader with our experienced & dynamic personel.

Our main principal is to keep the client’s satisfaction in highest level with during the sales or service quality after sales.

Our main services are consultancy and complete solutions for marine applications with our experienced & expert personnel.

We are ready to serve you with our representation for any products and equipments.

Maritime industry lifesaving equipment for their services and make them certify, procure the necessary spare parts and their main products, after-sales, our company has been serving to cover the technical services, Turkey perceives deeply customer quality expectations and needs of the market, the process of continuously developing in this direction, a pioneer in the industry It aims to be a company and for this purpose;

  • It develops their employees with a human-oriented approach, adopts the company culture that takes into account quality awareness and interrogative perspective in every activity.
  • In the realization of our services, the relevant standards ensure that the relevant standards provide and follow all the necessary resources to ensure compliance with national and international standards and legal requirements,
  • With all its stakeholders, it fulfills the requirements of their social responsibilities and produces the production of sustainable natural resources.
  • It allows us to document, document and improve our Quality Management System so that the ISO 9001 standard requires the requirements of the ISO 9001.

In line with the continuous improvement approach, we will be able to increase the efficiency in our entire process to the level that can compete at the international level and to be an example of quality in the maritime industry in terms of quality in terms of quality.